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Materials selection advice

Astute material selection can significantly improve the performance of springs, particularly those which are required to operate in harsh environments. The specification of material therefore needs to be considered at the design stage.

Mechanical and environmental factors, handling requirements, life cycles and corrosion resistance are all factors to be considered at the design stage.

Our expertise can help you make the right choice. For example, we can advise on processes such as heat treatment, plating and coating. We can also suggest and test modifications of your design in the interests of making the most effective use of a material’s properties.

Spring Material Advice

Spring Material Advice

Spring Material Advice

We manufacture springs from a wide range of materials including:

Stainless Steels 302, 316 & 316 LVM
Super Duplex
Titanium Grades 2 and 5
Elgiloy or Phynox
Inconel 600, 718 and X750
Hastelloy C22 and C276
Ni-Span 902
Monel 400
Nimonic 90 and 80A
Beryllium Copper
Phosphor Bronze
Various Carbon Spring Materials including:
Hard Drawn, Music Wire, Silicon Chrome and Oil Tempered

All our process equipment, including hardening furnaces and batch-conveyor tempering ovens, are fitted with data recorders for traceability.

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